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The Sling TSi is not simply more aircraft.
It is more of all the reasons you fly.

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Overview – Sling TSi

More speed, more power, more aircraft

As pilots rise through the ranks and through aircraft of ever-increasing sophistication, one question remains constant: What is next? And one answer will always resonate: More. More speed. More capability. More power. More capacity. The Sling TSi encompasses all of these qualities and has become an aircraft with an uncompromising mission: To offer unrivalled performance, safety, comfort and reliability to any pilot, no matter the mission. The Sling TSi is not simply more aircraft. It is more of all the reasons you fly.

Following on from the legacy of the Sling 2 and Sling 4, the Sling TSi has the same great handling characteristics that made its predecessors legendary. The Sling TSi has been critically acclaimed for its all-round capabilities, superb handling and functionality. The Sling TSi offers the same perfectly coordinated flight characteristics, with controls that are highly responsive yet not overly sensitive. It comfortably seats four, with baggage, and cruises effortlessly at altitudes up to 18,000 ft, making it the ultimate long-distance cross-country machine.


Design the exterior of your
Sling Aircraft to your liking

You can turn your Sling into your personalised dream aircraft using our numerous standard or complex paint scheme and vinyl design options. In addition, Sling Aircraft uses LEDs for all exterior lighting. Not only do these use less energy and generate less heat, they are exceptionally bright and allow for sharply defined beams. Effortlessly elegant, superbly appointed and finished with a forensic eye.


A truly first-class travel

The Sling TSi’s elegantly crafted interior showcases executive four-seat comfort. Using only genuine leather and lavish carpeting, the Sling TSi stands out with an elegance that adds a touch of class to aircraft interiors. Available in four colour palettes: Cast Iron, Red Velvet, Indigo Sky and Cloud Burst with stitching, piping and panelling in complementary colours. In addition to the leather interior, cabin heating and ventilation are standard for all occupants. The carbon fibre instrument panel and centre consol throttle add to the elegance which the Sling TSi exudes. The superior comfort and elegance, as well as the unsurpassed attention to detail puts the Sling TSi in a class of its own.


Your Sling TSi is powered by a
141 hp turbo sport injected Rotax 915 iS

Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 / 914 engine series, the Rotax 915 iS engine offers increased power, the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, full take-off power up to 16,000 feet (4,877 m) and a service ceiling of 18,000 feet (5,486 m). Your Sling TSi is fitted with an Airmaster 3 Blade Constant Speed propeller. These variable-pitch propellers automatically change its blade pitch in order to maintain a chosen rotational speed. This operation perfectly suits modern engines, particularly the turbo sport injected variety.


Designed by pilots for pilots, the Sling TSi contains a selection of Garmin technologies designed to deliver a refined and integrated flight experience

The advanced configuration of the Garmin 10” G3X touch EFIS and backup Garmin G5 electronic flight display delivers exceptional performance, reliability and peace of mind. In addition, the Sling TSi’s Garmin standard avionics package includes radio, autopilot system with control panel, transponder, multifunction system interface and Bluetooth audio panel. Garmin’s highly respected user-friendly interface places an abundance of information at your fingertips whilst providing unparalleled capabilities.

Specifications & performance

Rotax 915 iS
Manufacturer Bombardier ‐ Rotax GmbH
Horsepower 141 hp / 105 kW (Turbo)
Maximum allowable speed (VNE) 155 KIAS / 178 MPH
Cruise speed – 9,500 ft AMSL 148 KTAS / 170 MPH
Stall speed – clean 57 KIAS / 66 MPH
Stall speed – full flaps 48 KIAS / 55 MPH
Max demonstrated crosswind component 15 KTAS / 17 MPH
Takeoff ground roll – concrete 590 ft / 180 m
Landing distance – braked 492 ft / 150 m
Rate of climb – sea level 1,000 ft / min
Maximum operating altitude 18,000 ft ASL
Endurance 8 Hours
Range @ 75% power with 45 min reserve 880 nm / 1,630 Km
Wingspan 31.3 ft / 9.54 m
Length 23.54 ft / 7.175 m
Height 8 ft / 2.45 m
Cabin width 45.3 in / 1.15 m
Standard empty weight 500 kg
Maximum useful load 450 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 950 kg